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Host A Fan Overview

After you have registered for free you can use the following functions.
Accommodation search
Register at Host a Fan and search for accommodations in the Host Cities. Just click the button “accommodation search” and select your Host City. Immediately all offers in that particular city will show up. As soon as you have found the right offer you can get in contact with the landlord through our mail system and discuss all details. Have fun!

Your advantage: You can choose the accommodation that suits you best. No commission fee. Service is quicker because you can contact the landlord immediately.
Accommodation offer
Register at Host a Fan and offer your accommodation. You have the possibility to download pictures of the room and give a detailed description.
You decide the price of your offered accommodation and/or negotiate it with your guests. Host a Fan offers you two services. We recommend prices in regard of the location and endowments of the room. You also have the possibility to download a booking confirmation. More information here: Service

Host a Fan offers you the platform, to present your accommodation as a landlord or to search for an accommodation as a guest. Searching and booking is done by you.

Your advantage: Not only guests can search for an accommodation, with the search machine landlords can also search for guests.
With the help of a messaging field registered users can get in contact with their landlords and guests. Host a Fan gives you the chance to get in contact right away and to settle your bookings quick and easily.
Valuation System
The amount of balls give you an idea about the value of the accommodation. The more balls (max. 6 balls) the better the accommodation.

The following criteria are taking into account:
- Room type
- Towels available
- Bedding available
- Separate toilet
- Kitchen use
- Distance to the city